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Note: the process of refund will be within 30 days from the date of payment received.If NO information provided, the payment will be processed as next monthly payment.
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Until the date this application is made, I solemnly and truly acknowledge that:

  1. All the information I have stated here is true and complete.
  2. I understand that all information provided is for the purpose of applying for repayment assistance and reference by MBSB Bank.
  3. I understand that MBSB Bank reserves the right to reject the application for repayment assistance or withdraw this approval if the information provided is inaccurate and incomplete.
  4. I hereby, give permission and consent to MBSB Bank to update, collect, store, process and disclose my personal information to the authorities or organizations, as well as individuals concerned and deemed appropriate by MBSB Bank.
  5. I believe MBSB Bank will protect the personal information provided and maintain its confidentiality.
  6. I hereby give permission and consent to MBSB Bank to extend my financing tenure.
  7. I agree to appoint MBSB Bank as your agent to execute Tawaruq transactions on the sale and purchase of commodities for the financing modification cost.
  8. Detail of approval will be received in deemed consent SMS.
  9. I hereby agree for additional extension of my financing in the event my account is in arrears at time of application.
  10. Normal profit will continue accrued during the deferment period
  11. I have the option to engage the Bank to revise the monthly repayment/payment amount and/or schedule if my financials improve to reduce overall financing/borrowing costs;
  12. I agree to furnish the Bank with additional information/supporting documents as may be required after my repayment assistance has been approved;
  13. Where required, for Hire Purchase, I understand that I may be required to execute a variation agreement after my repayment assistance is approved;
  14. If I have missed my instalments that are due and unpaid by more than 90 days at the date of application, I agree for the bank to offer me a customised solution that is more suitable for my financial circumstances or to share my loan/financing details with AKPK for further financial advice on managing my debt;